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It's Masters Week!

About 2 year(s) ago by Randy Watkins

It’s Masters week and is the greatest sports week of the year! Every single person that plays golf or loves sports will be tuned in from start to finish. Count me as one that won’t miss a shot and will be on the edge of my seat for the back nine on Sunday.


I was 11 years old when I first fell in love, and it was with the Masters. I had never seen or felt anything like it. Just me and my dad watching as he told stories about all the great players on the most beautiful course on earth. He was a Georgian my dad was, and he shared his affection for the course, the tournament and the players as if he knew them. It was then that a dream was born and a lifelong love affair began. It was, and is a spiritual week for me every year.

I remember the hours and hours spent hitting shots or making putts to win the Masters as if it was yesterday. I even remember imitating the swings or the reactions of those that won it. I remember hurting for the ones that came so close but never won. I remember being nervous that someone would find a way to beat Nicklaus, but they never really did. I remember and feel so fortunate to have lived long enough to have seen Nicklaus, Watson, Ballesteros and Tiger win it. I remember thinking and dreaming of winning it in hopes my dad would finally be proud of me. I remember the day my dad passed away and the dreams of winning passed away too. I remember because he told me he was proud of me and I finally knew I didn’t have to win the Masters for him to be proud of me. I remember being thankful for sharing the love of the Masters with him.
And I’ll remember him this week as I do every year knowing I’m proud of him too.
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